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Corpa-Corp. Pascual Hnos., S.A.

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Productos 5ª gama, regenerables, precocinados, semielaborados, semiconservas Corpa

La société

Who are we?

Corpa is an innovating company with a clear concept: to offer the authentic flavours of the sea.

We offer some of the finest seafood in easy-to-use formats, to help you create top-class dishes and appetizers.


(+34) 943 361 855
googleIbai-ondo II, 8
20160 Lasarte-Oria
Gipuzkoa (Spain)



Corpa presents a selection recipes made from its products.

Discover them!

Croquetas Squid-in-ink and Scallop,

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Finger of Toast with Corpa Anchovy and Tapenade

Laminate the semi-frozen bread with a sausage cutter, defrost and mould on a silicone mat, brush one side with olive oil and use a base to shape ...


Croquetas III NEW!
Gildas NEW!
Stuffed scallops with fungi and ...

Donostia - San Sebastian

At the end of the nineteenth century, the Spanish royalty began to favour San Sebastian as a spa town. Young Basque apprentices soon picked up all the latest culinary techniques from the refined French chefs of the royal court. This symbiosis of traditional Basque cuisine, prioritising the quality of the raw material, and new techniques led to a innovating cuisine that soon gained a reputation further afield.

San Sebastian was known for its “gastronomic societies”, in which men cooked for themselves without skimping on the ingredients, and for the tapas served in the bars of the city's old quarter. The result Bar counters groaning under the weight of delicious "pinchos" and "raciones".

Together these three factors have turned the city into a haven for foodies and gastronomic tourists.

Corpa was set up to meet the needs of these audacious and demanding restaurateurs, who value the intense natural flavours of our dishes. And for twenty years, we’ve been doing our best to satisfy that demand.